Residence “Principi Ruspoli” is also the ideal starting point for an unforgettable vacation, which unites entertainment and leisure. We are at your disposal for organization of excursions and visits to festivals, museums, necropolis and wine & food events in Cerveteri and its surroundings.

Discover all the events in Cerveteri and choose the ones you want to participate in during your stay at Residence “Principi Ruspoli”:

The Cerite National Museum
The Museum is located in front of the “Principi Ruspoli” Residence, in the central square. Inside you will find audiovisual projections, virtual reconstructions, lighting, sound and video effects in 3D, which will take you back in time, thanks to a multimedia project that unites it with the Banditaccia Necropolis.

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Etruscan Necropolis
The most famous attraction in Cerveteri and the largest in the Mediterranean, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located just 5 minutes away from the Residence Princes Ruspoli. It covers an area of 400 hectares, 10 of which can be visited, for a total of about 1,000 tombs often housed in characteristic mounds.

Photo “Museums and Necropolis in Tarquinia and Cerveteri”
The Cerveteri Ornithological Museum
The prestigious Ornithological Museum is housed in the Palazzo Ruspoli, just 200 meters from the Residence “Principi Ruspoli”. Here you will find around 300 specimens belonging to 18 species of European birds.
Restaurant “Antica Locanda Le ginestre”
This delicious restaurant is located inside the “Principi Ruspoli” Residence in Cerveteri. Elegant and with a gracious outdoor space, it is the ideal place for peaceful and quiet moments after a long day. We offer specialized cuisine, both meat and fish specialties, offering a return to ancient and traditional flavors.
The Artichoke Festival in Ceretano
The Artichoke Festival in Cerveteri takes place once a year and hosts numerous dining places where you can taste the best local products, with musical performances, exhibitions of handicrafts, the marching bands gathering, art exhibitions and street performers in the background. On request, you can get in touch with local companies for the production of artichokes and assist in the collection and preparation of raw materials.
Wine tasting
It is possible to organize guided visits to the most significant wine sellers in the zone during your visit, to participate in the wine grapes harvest and to taste the best local wines.
Typical products
The Cerveteri territory is also famous for the cultivation of olive trees, with a production of high quality olive oil. Numerous family businesses in the area organize tastings where you can discover their products, among which honey and the Ceriti mountains truffles.
Beaches and the sea
The Cerveteri beaches are not only famous for their particularities and hospitality of bathing facilities, but also for the winds that place them among the favorites of the Lazio surfers. The “Principi Ruspoli” Residence is only 5 km from the beach and offers to its guests a private bathing facility with all amenities and a fish restaurant.
Horseback riding
Discover the pleasure of immersing yourself in nature with a horseback ride in the countryside of Cerveteri. The guided tour on horseback through woods, streams and waterfalls will allow you to enjoy the best Etruscan landscapes that surround the “Principi Ruspoli” Residence.
Mountain bike trails
You can explore the nature around Cerveteri and forests of Ceriti Hills thanks to trails suitable for mountain biking: a fun and adventurous way to discover the beautiful landscapes of the area.
Surfing and kite surfing
The Cerveteri beach is famous for its winds that make it among the most visited by surfers from Lazio for several reasons. First of all, you can go out to the sea with almost all winds, except the north wind Tramontana. Here, in fact, the west and the north-west winds come stronger than in other beaches in Lazio.
Spa and Relax
Our hotel has an agreement with a luxurious spa, just a 2-minute walk from the Residence, where you can relax with a wellness program including sauna, Turkish bath, hydro-massage and emotional shower or let yourself be pampered by a relaxing massage. The modern spa area also includes a fully equipped gym.
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