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The sixteenth century Principi Ruspoli Palace in Cerveteri, current home to the princesses Maria Pia Ruspoli and Jacinta, is one of the most beautiful and important historic buildings in Italy. It's located in the heart of the town of Cerveteri, in the beautiful Piazza Santa Maria, in front of the Etruscan Museum, the most technologically advanced museum in the region of Lazio.

Discover the wonderful history of this old residence near Rome and get ready to enjoy a vacation filled with art and culture. Its rooms preserve frescoes by Rossi (pupil of Benvenuto Cellini) and are decorated with wonderful bas-reliefs. The Ballroom, which covers more than 200 square meters, offers an unforgettable welcoming.

Famous people have stayed in the palace, like Pope Innocent VIII, who came to these lands for wild boar hunting, famous English writer David Herbert Lawrence, who lived here during his stay in Italy and musician Georg Friedrich Handel, who composed his famous cantata "Diana the Huntress" right in this place.

Furthermore, since the city of Cerveteri is known for its Etruscan necropolis, various internationally renowned archaeologists have stayed at the “Principi Ruspoli” Palace in Cerveteri to follow the excavations of the Necropolis including, in the early twentieth century, King Gustav of Sweden, who was very passionate about archeology. While recently Princess Margaret of England was a guest in the “Principi Ruspoli” Palace.
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